Portrait for future moms

The arrival of a child, perhaps the most beautiful expectation of life.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman's life, capturing these memories is a way to make them stay etched in the memory, forever. Those memories will always be fulfilled with the sweetness and the emotion of that special period.

The best time for the photo shoot is approximately between the 32nd and 34th week, when the body shapes are defined but there are still no signs of fatigue.

The photo shoot can be set in my studio or outdoors where you love the most, preferably spring or summer. The outdoor sessions will be taken on sunset, while in the studio at any time of the day.

We will create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere both for the shooting in the studio and in an outdoor location. The future mother can share the shooting with the future father and their other children. Also your pets are welcome! I will capture the natural beauty of the spontaneity of your feelings.