Ilaria Mocali

I'm really glad you're considering to have me as your personal photographer.
My name is Ilaria, always been Lalla for my family. Since I was a child, observing my mother who is a drawing and painting artist, I showed a natural curiosity for everything that is art, so much so that in my childhood dreams I wanted to be a ballet dancer. When I grew up I chose to become a Hôtellerie manager but it didn't really fit on me, so I decided to turn my passion for photography into my profession, with dedication and commitment.
Being your photographer means discovering your passions and what you can't stand so that you can bring back your true personality and essence in authentic and unique portraits that will tell YOUR story and will be the most beautiful and unforgetteble memories.
I will passionately tell who you are by capturing the most significant moments of your life.
I will photograph your essence in a friendly and relaxed way.

My Mission

My sensitivity and attention to the smallest details combined with great creativity and experience are at your disposal to reveal who you are.

Who I am

Contact me

CONTACT ME TODAY TO PLAN A MEETING WITHOUT COMMITMENT We can chat over a cup of tea, talk to each other on the phone or on Skype