Intimate Portrait

Boudoir is femininity behind the scenes, something that women tend to hide not only from the world, often even from themselves.

Let a glamorous boudoir-style photo shoot give you a new sense of self-confidence with feminine, intimate, delicate and sensual pictures that will make you dream. This experience is a way to discover yourself and get involved, it is for all women who want to walk a path of self-confidence. It will be a non-place where you can let yourself go, laugh, joke, talk, confide and play.

You will make a gift to yourself and you will dedicate time only and exclusively to you. You will be the absolute protagonist, pampered with a make-up tailor made for you, have a relaxing moment listening to the music you love and wearing everything that makes you feel sensual and feminine. You will learn to love your body or you will accept with love its scars, its imperfections and its new curves.

There is no perfect time to take this type of photography. The right time is now! Not sooner or later, maybe in a few months or a year. Choose a date and start your Boudoir experience.

I will be happy to put all my energy at your disposal to make it an unforgettable experience. I make only one photo session a day and I'm also available on weekends. If you have a specific date in mind (for example your birthday or another important date for you) I recommend that you contact me at least 4 weeks in advance.

Are you afraid to set a date because you prefer to "get back in shape"? Choose a day later in the calendar and set it as a goal! We will celebrate any results: if you have achieved your purpose, we will celebrate the commitment you have shown! If you have not achieved it, we will honor the choice to make your shooting anyway!